Auto Insurance Explained in Simple Terms

Auto insurance, is insurance that you purchase for your cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats etc. It provides you with protection from losses that may incur as a result of a car accident. While this may sound simple enough to understand there are many types of auto insurance policies available to you and it can be rather confusing. Your coverage level and types will vary depending on the policy that you choose.

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Choose a Coach Charter for Your Next Group Trip

Here's one multiple choice question you will not find in the SATs or LSATs or in any other exam. But the answer could prove to be a benefit to you. Question: What mode of transportation offers the best passenger miles per gallon? ? A) Automobile ? B) Domestic Air Carrier ? C) Transit Bus ? D) Motorcoach ? E) Commuter Rail The answer is D motorcoach. Surprised? Actually a motorcoach or coach charter offers 184 passenger miles per gallon; a commuter train provides 86 passenger miles per gallon; a transit bus gets 32 passenger MPG; a domestic air carrier achieves 42 passenger MPG; and a single passenger car gets 28 passenger MPG. Moreover, a motorcoach or coach charter emits the least carbon dioxide per passenger miles when compared to these vehicles and are on average six times more energy and fuel efficient than a single passenger car and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 85 percent per passenger mile for every person who uses a coach charter for travel rather then driving alone. And you probably didn't know that there are three times as many motorcoach or coach charter terminals throughout the country as there are airports and intercity rail terminals.

In addition, motorcoaches are among the safest vehicles and use of motorcoaches or coach charters also benefit the country's economy. So, what does this mean to you? If you are concerned with the planet and the effect of greenhouse gases, safety or are simply concerned with efficient travel, then this information is important. A motorcoach is the best mode of transportation as far as fuel economy, carbon dioxide emissions and just plain efficiency.

You are probably still wondering what this has to do with you. Well, it is this. Next time you plan a group trip it would be cost effective for you to consider using a motorcoach than a car, domestic air carrier, transit bus, or commuter train.

The process of finding the proper motorcoach company should start at the IMG Coach website ( IMG consists of independently owned tour and charter bus companies that have created a network that offers all sorts of travel services.

Companies involved in the network operate more than 7,000 vehicles in North America and service more than 21 million customers. Selecting the proper coach charter company from the IMG Coach site is easier than just doing a search of the internet because members of the IMG Coach network are reputable companies to start with. They adhere to safety standards and operate under the authority of the U.S.

Department of Transportation and other groups including the PUC and ICC. Things to Consider When Selecting a Coach Charter As with any business no motorcoach or coach charter company is the same. For example, they may offer different types of service and offer different types of equipment. There are companies that are charter services only.

These companies will charter a motorcoach to take you to your destination. Other companies offer deluxe charter services or tours. These companies actually plan the trip and make the travel arrangements. Moreover, there are different types of motorcoaches.

There are mini coaches that seat 24 to 27 passengers and are equipped with restrooms. A standard coach seats 46 to 47 people and an extended coach accommodates up to 57 passengers. Keep safety concerns in mind as you determine what motorcoach company to select.

And don't be afraid to ask companies for information or documentation. Ask the company about the motorcoach your group will be using. If you inspect the motorcoach look for proof that it has passed a complete mechanical inspection. Do Your Homework If you are the person assigned to book the motorcoach, then there is homework that you will have to do.

You will need to determine the following: ? How many vehicles will be needed? ? How many passengers will there be? ? How much luggage or other equipment will be brought and how much of this will be allowed? ? Determine the special needs that must be satisfied by the motorcoach. Such things as handicap access, large equipment storage, etc. will have to be determined. ? How many drivers are required? ? How or when will the drivers be rotated? ? What are the costs associated with this? ? What is the length of the trip? Keep in mind that the driver is allowed 10 hours of driving time and trips of more than 550 miles take more than 10 hours so will require more than one driver.

You will probably be responsible for finding out the cost of the trip. Motorcoach companies charge by the person. For example, you may encounter a situation of a company that charges $100 more than other companies. Keep in mind that this based on the number of passengers.

If say, you are booking a trip that includes 50 passengers, then the costs translate out to be $2.00 per person. Be aware of the company's deposit, refund and cancellation policies. These issues should be analyzed at the time you make the reservation. It's green, cost effective, safe, boasters the country's economy, provides comfortable travel, offers a great opportunity to see the country through large passenger windows, and provides time for passengers to bond with one another. That's what a trip on a motorcoach can do.

Sounds so much better than a commercial airliner or commuter train, doesn't it?.

Robert Janis from IMG Coach specialises in writing articles relating to the automotive industry and Motorcoach-Hire in the US. Visit his website at

Auto Insurance

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