Auto Insurance Explained in Simple Terms

Auto insurance, is insurance that you purchase for your cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats etc. It provides you with protection from losses that may incur as a result of a car accident. While this may sound simple enough to understand there are many types of auto insurance policies available to you and it can be rather confusing. Your coverage level and types will vary depending on the policy that you choose.

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Laptop Car Mounts Mount Your Computer In Any Vehicle

Car laptop mounts are now available to fit all cars, you would not have to worry about whether the mount you were thinking of would fit your car or not. Whether you have a Chevy SUV or a Ford 500, a Chrysler Sebring it would make no difference. Since car laptop desks are now becoming so popular, it seems commercial sense to market such a laptop desk for all cars. Not that it would make much difference to you right now, of course, but it might in two or three years time when you changed cars and wasn't too keen on purchasing a new laptop desk for your new car. If you had a mount that fitted most cars, you would likely be able to move your desk to your new car without leaving a trace on the old.

That is only if you had a model of laptop desk that didn't need drilling to fit, however, since otherwise your old car would have holes in the floor! Many people are starting to mount lap tops in their car or suv now, because not only does it give them a means of finding information, but also the bit of one-upmanship that those with the original car phones had. Now it is the car computer! Most however are professionals, especially truck drivers, but also some van or delivery drivers that need to have two-way contact with their office in order to download, or even just view, price lists, drawings and other information required when visiting clients and places such as commercial sites. The bulk of these, however, use heavier duty truck desks that are more rugged than those used in cars. Car drivers that use laptop mounts professionally include salespersons that need instant access to prices and stock, service personnel and virtually any professional that is mobile.

Even company executives traveling to and from airports need contact with their offices other than by telephone. Computers can provide instant visual information and reports that other non-visual communications techniques cannot provide. In such cases the notebook car desk is crucial in providing protection to their laptops while driving regardless of the terrain. When crossing construction or rough situations in a vehicle it is not always possible to know what you are driving over or going to encounter, and your laptop could be subject to quite a severe impact at times. Your hard drive, especially, is sensitive to these blows, and has to have some protection from them. That is one of the functions of a laptop desk, normally associated with off-road vehicles.

Nevertheless, that is a function that all laptop desks should have, irrespective of whether the vehicle is driven off-road or on a freeway, and a universal mount should fit all cars. What that refers to is the pedestal itself, and how it relates to the geometry of your car. An SUV, for example, usually has a large console between the driver and passenger that contains such accessories as a drinks holder. This has to be accessible and the laptop mount has to be designed so that it is. It also has to allow access to all the other accessories and controls, such as floor or console mounted stick shifts (most European cars have them), radios and heating controls that can often be towards the passenger side of the car.

It's not impossible to engineer this for any specific car, but it takes careful design to fashion the mount so as to fit all cars. Pro-Desks for example, do this with their Navigator car desk mount by designing adjustments into the pedestal and desk top to allow various heights, orientations and angles to be used for maximum visibility and accessibility from practically all cars. All that varies is the solid steel mounting plate that is specified when you order, but can be changed when you change your car.

There are many laptop mounts to be found online, although you have to study the offerings closely and make sure that what you are considering meets your needs exactly. Many do not offer separate plates and mounts, but a single unit that bolts into the floor once the necessary bolt holes have been drilled. Try to avoid this if you can because you have make sure that you rust-proof the bare metal after drilling, and that the protection is not removed when the bolts are inserted.

It only takes a small spot of bare metal to start the corrosion process as anybody that has a hood chip knows! Laptop mounts are changing mobile communication, and it will not be long before this is the norm. There was a time when mobile phones were only for executives, and then they graduated to sales representatives, and now to everybody. The same will be true of instant computer access, initially through laptops, and the laptop car mount will become the essential accessory that the mobile charger and DVD player is now.

Before you purchase a Car Laptop Mount be sure to view the Navigator Car Mounts at Pro-Desks.

Auto Insurance

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