Auto Insurance Explained in Simple Terms

Auto insurance, is insurance that you purchase for your cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats etc. It provides you with protection from losses that may incur as a result of a car accident. While this may sound simple enough to understand there are many types of auto insurance policies available to you and it can be rather confusing. Your coverage level and types will vary depending on the policy that you choose.

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    by Larry Johnson

    Are you paying too much for your auto insurance? By taking just a few minutes to get some free price quotes you may be amazed at the savings you will receive. Prices from company to company can vary greatly which means it pays to shop around for the cheap auto insurance you are wanting.

    Whether you receive car insurance quotes from phoning companies directly or browsing their web sites it makes no difference. However, it is often much quicker to find many free auto cheap insurance quotes online.

    Before actually committing to a particular automobile insurance company it is wise to lay out your needs first. Motor car insurance is there to protect you and your family from possible financial ruin. It is to cover your costs in case of a catastrophic occurrence. It is not only there to pay for the repair or replacement of your car, but for any medical or hospital bills that may become necessary.

    There are many things to consider before taking out an auto cheap insurance policy. One thing to think about is the amount of your deductible. A higher deductible can save you a little on your premiums, but it may end up costing you more if you are actually involved in an accident that is your fault. No fault car insurance can increase your premiums, but it sure is great to have if an uninsured runs into your automobile. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts for features that will reduce the risk of injuries or theft. Daytime running lights or anti-theft devices can often lower your premiums due to the fact that they will decrease the likelihood of you filing a claim.

    Many people decide to drop the collision or comprehensive coverage if they own a car that is not worth very much money. Why pay higher premiums for a car that is not worth very much? So choosing to insure for liability only is certainly a way to lower the coverage costs. Insuring for just liability has the potential to save you a lot of money, but if you are involved in an accident with someone that is uninsured you will probably end up paying your repair bills out of your own pocket.

    Once you have decided if you want full coverage or just liability and have also considered your other insurance factors it's time to get some free auto insurance quotes. You want a company that is financially stable which can be checked by using a rating company. One of the better known rating companies is Standard and Poor's. There are also many magazines available that can help you find some financially strong insurers.

    The internet is the easiest method of getting fast and free quotes, but there are other places to search as well. Many companies sell their own insurance through their own agents while other agents can get quotes from several different insurance companies, allowing you the opportunity to go with the lower priced ones. It is often wise to ask acquaintances about their insurance. Price alone should not be the sole deciding factor when insuring your auto. Dependability, honesty, 24-hour claims service and other factors should also be weighed.

    A wise thing to do is to contact your state insurance department. They can provide information about the companies you are investigating. If there are consumer complaints about a particular insurer chances are they can tell you.

    Another item that should be thought about is the possibility of saving money by insuring both your auto and your home through the same company. Most insurance companies will give you lower rates if you insure more things with them.

    If you want to keep your costs the cheapest possible there are many other factors in determining what your coverage will end up costing you. Some of these include the quality of your credit rating, how many miles you drive each year (lower mileage can mean cheaper premiums) and whether or not you work for a company that will allow you to get their group discount. Some professionals such as doctors or chiropractors get discounts. Belonging to certain types of businesses or associations can also possibly qualify you for auto cheap insurance coverage. One of the biggest factors is your driving history. Have you been in other accidents lately?

    These are all factors that should be investigated before committing to a particular company. Write down all of your questions and concerns and then you can begin with the free quotes. Call several insurance agents that are in your area and get some free quotes online. You can save on your premiums by doing just a little homework.

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